Two wrongs make a right

March 7, 2016

I got this thing about scarves. I love them! I get attached to one and wear it all the time until the next one comes along. I still keep the old ones around even if they’re ripped. New preloved items also find my way.


Two scarves made into one

This time I had two scarves which both had pleasing colours but something else wrong with them. The long stripy scarf wasn’t long enough to my taste and it had some small holes. The woolen rectangle was also too small. Since they had matching colours I cut the long one in half where the holes were and handstitched the the folded woolen scarf on top. The ravelling ends of the striped scarf were conveniently locked between the woolen scarf folds. Finally I embroided the woolen part with some geometrical shapes and leftover yarn which also works keeping the folds in place. Needles to say this is my favorite scarf for this winter!




August 10, 2009

Here it is! The first item ready for the blog. It’s a 100% recycled accessory, so I’ll call it trashkind. Materials: underwear I never use, thread from trash and selfmade sequins. Special thanks to a wonderful trashion inspirer Outsapop, whose blog got me punching the glitter out of an instant mashed potatoes package. Have to keep punching!

Picture 009Picture 008



Piu piu!

July 31, 2009

My¬†websurfing finally¬†got the better of me and I just had to start this blog. Oh, I’d like it to be pretty and all, but for now it’s a place for dreams. Maybe some come true, too. I’ve been thinking to make a bag out of my Dad’s old jacket. I just found an inspiration. Mandinka does it fabulously!

Alexander handbag – No. 409

Alexander handbag - No. 409