Cha chain chain -lamp

March 11, 2016

With one long chain looped around the handle this library lamp became more pleasing to the eye, maybe also for the eyes of the beloved Tinttu.

Tinttu ja lamppu (Large)


Rectangular crochet doilies make lovely corset belts. Wrap around your waist and attach with a ribbon through the holes of the crochet. What a fun way to add a little colour, warmth, shape and spunk!

Kuva 024 (Large)

Everything seen here is preloved (except the tights).

Crochet doily corset belt


June 5, 2014

During hot summer days I prefer light fabrics. I think clothes are the best sun block! Some clothes however have an unwanted quality to show a bit too much in the sunlight. Here’s my solution for very thin harem pants (from Rishikesh, India). Special thanks to my colleague for the photo!



A bought this unfitting shirt from a recycling center just because of the fabric: black with metallic threads. Cut the shirt under arms and hand stiched the elastic to the waist already on holiday location.

002 (Medium)And the location… Two years ago St. Petersburg looked like this through my lenses.

1232 (Medium)

171 (Medium)


780 (Medium)



April 8, 2014

I wanted to make the neckline of a shirt from sale smaller. I added extra fabric from a preloved shirt I never actually wore but liked the colours and patterns.


Here’s how I did it.

ImageMake a pattern placing paper on top of the (light turquoise) shirt and draw how much more fabric you want to add. You can free hand the whole thing or just one half and then fold fabrics and paper to center and use symmetry. Remember to add seam allowance. Cut the paper. Pin the pattern on top of the (brown) shirt and cut the fabric.


Place the fabric on the shirt wrong sides facing you. Fold both vertically in half first to find center and start to pin from the middle. Check the right side before sewing. The beading in the brown shirt was not in the middle to begin with so I went with “close enough”.


Sew with zigzag. As you may see my machine’s stitch is not very reliable but will do.



Pullover pants, vol.2

April 4, 2014


They are most comfortable and warm even on a chilly morning! And I need a little colour to cheer up.


Tested with painting and dancing. These work better than the first version because the pullover is smaller and the waist fitted.


Starting point: a preloved pullover.


In action to make a fitted waist: pinning the hem part of a preloved rather sturdy t-shirt to the pullover hem. This time I cut the neckline off before sewing rather than just shutting it with stitches.

A Quick Halloween Cut

November 2, 2013

I had a knit waiting to be refashioned and I needed a Halloween costume. This was the quickest costume ever! I do plan to insert mesh to the other side to prevent unraveling. For the quick fix that’s optional.

The hat is from a thrift store. As are the ant and the spider. They’re stitched in place.


Ready in three minutes with scissors only!

A pumpkin cut out

Rain cloud bag

July 18, 2013

This bag was a gift for a little girl and is perfect for the weather recently. The cloud and the rainbow handle are made of a t-shirt.

The lining of the bag is conveniently the lining of the trousers. I was inspired by the glass beading. Everything except the rain drops is machine sewn.


The bottom is round.


Here are the recycled items: old broken trousers and a t-shirt.