Pullover pants, vol.2

April 4, 2014


They are most comfortable and warm even on a chilly morning! And I need a little colour to cheer up.


Tested with painting and dancing. These work better than the first version because the pullover is smaller and the waist fitted.


Starting point: a preloved pullover.


In action to make a fitted waist: pinning the hem part of a preloved rather sturdy t-shirt to the pullover hem. This time I cut the neckline off before sewing rather than just shutting it with stitches.


DIY Jersey Yarn

February 2, 2014

DIY jersey yarn

Out with the old t-shirt seen here before (but never worn since).

A Quick Halloween Cut

November 2, 2013

I had a knit waiting to be refashioned and I needed a Halloween costume. This was the quickest costume ever! I do plan to insert mesh to the other side to prevent unraveling. For the quick fix that’s optional.

The hat is from a thrift store. As are the ant and the spider. They’re stitched in place.


Ready in three minutes with scissors only!

A pumpkin cut out

Denim shorts with stars

September 22, 2013

Nail polishes seem to accumulate along the years. Some of them are way past their due date, sticky and non-functional. But still I can’t just throw them away so here’s a project to get rid of them. (Need more projects for that, though).

First task was to cut out the legs of the preloved jeans. I used the legs to test polish colours on denim.

A plastic lid became a stencil for this easy mathematical shape. It’s a good idea to do the painting outside because of the stench.

The finished product is machine washable in low temperature turned inside out.

Rain cloud bag

July 18, 2013

This bag was a gift for a little girl and is perfect for the weather recently. The cloud and the rainbow handle are made of a t-shirt.

The lining of the bag is conveniently the lining of the trousers. I was inspired by the glass beading. Everything except the rain drops is machine sewn.


The bottom is round.


Here are the recycled items: old broken trousers and a t-shirt.


I missed June

July 16, 2013

and I miss this trip…


ImageBut here’s a little tip. If you’re wearing small glasses like me and don’t want to purchase prescription sunglasses just wear regular sunglasses on top of your glasses. And look silly!

Yesterday it was the Finland vs. Sweden ice hockey game and today the World Championships bronze medal game against USA. The Eurovision Song Contest in between was entertaining but sadly Team Ding Dong didn’t really score on points. Isn’t it about the participation?

I put together a flag coloured outfit with a men’s shirt as the skirt. It was buttoned unevenly and knotted with the sleeves. The preloved shirt was machine washer dyed and waited to be used for something.