Pullover pants, vol.2

April 4, 2014


They are most comfortable and warm even on a chilly morning! And I need a little colour to cheer up.


Tested with painting and dancing. These work better than the first version because the pullover is smaller and the waist fitted.


Starting point: a preloved pullover.


In action to make a fitted waist: pinning the hem part of a preloved rather sturdy t-shirt to the pullover hem. This time I cut the neckline off before sewing rather than just shutting it with stitches.


Go back a few years. Way before Movember. Go silly or go home?

ImageAsterix here is showing off his moustache and the classic two braids. Special recycled feature: The ponytailers are made of lace trimmings of a blouse. Simply rip up the stitching at the end of each sleeve and you’re done.

For Sneezy Times

December 7, 2012

Old bedsheet got a new life as handkerchieves. Machine wash may unravel these hankies but it seems too much trouble to sew the edges. Softness guaranteed!

St. Peter’s Rose

July 16, 2012

I thought my all important summer hat needed something for the city holiday in St. Petersburg. I took some trash and leftovers with me so I had a nice little project to do while sitting in a train. And here it is. Greetings from Peterhof (summer 2011)!

DIY rose



My old skates are a bit too small to fit enough wool socks. So I reused an old pullover. Cut sleeves out. Attached fleece strings. Less cold feet anyway!

Handicraft crazy love

January 1, 2012

I had to refresh my skills of knitting and crocheting. Result: one big round scarf and two works still on sticks. I cannot blog about the ready scarf yet due to some computer failure. And actually this failure lets me concentrate on my knittings and crochets. I’m beginning to feel the joy and love of playing with thread. The colours entwined like emotions visible on my hands.

Back to something concrete, recycled and selfmade. Here are some tinder roses made of old candles and egg packages. Rip it. Form it. Dip it – let it dry a bit and repeat until satisfied. Recycled material tinders

Recycled material tinders

Recycled material tinders

Recycled material tinders

These things really get the fire started. Have a Dazzling New Year with lots of Love Love Love!

Bag of oats

July 11, 2011

This was a Christmas present. Crazy to post it during hottest summer, right? An old flannel shirt soft as can be rescued and made into a bag. That bag now houses another bag where the oats are and which is made of a discarded curtain. Throw the bag into a microwave for a few minutes and feel the lovely warmth relaxing you. And you can wash the top bag. Great help to catch sleep during times of cold toes.

Buttons are from my storage which consists mostly of the old and saved. If I come across an item of clothing that seems like a throw-away even for me I detach the buttons, zippers and such to be reused and use the leftovers as a rag.