Six items, more or less

September 30, 2010

Finally the month with the specific six items of clothing only is over! (Read more here). I feel this way even if I got the easy way out. I wore my “official” clothes in many locations so I didn’t have to worry about people seeing me in the same outfit over and over again. And I spent a lot of time in my cozy home clothes, woolen pants and the like. Weather is getting colder so wool is my everyday choice!

In the end there was no need to reveal more than the four items that I chose to this challenge. Other stuff I wore fell into the fine print. The results (aka thoughts in my head) came to me quite early on so I really encourage others to try this too, even if the month is over and you wouldn’t follow it by the book.

1. I have a lot of clothes. I wear only a fraction of them regularly. My excuses are: I can’t throw out items that might work after a few alterations or might feel nice after some time spent in storage (you know the feeling “Hey, I have this and it’s great – I’m sure gonna wear it now”) or are just filled with memories or vintage enough.

2. When purchasing new items of clothing later in life I want to fit them in the “six items stack” if possible. That way they might have a better chance of not burying in the back of my closet and mind. This also means quality over quantity.

3. Wearing the same outfits more often (in a row) is easy and quick, but rather boring. Unless you’re good with accessories. So, here’s my inspiration for using what I’ve already got in more ways. Bye-bye boredom. Welcome imagination, courage and new combinations from my closet (or something like that as I’m living in an old house under construction constantly)!

Here’s Project Uniform, an interesting ‘one little black dress all year’ project (May 2009-April 2010).

PS. Still don’t like my blue shirt all that much and could have chosen my four or six with a little more deliberation.