Two wrongs make a right

March 7, 2016

I got this thing about scarves. I love them! I get attached to one and wear it all the time until the next one comes along. I still keep the old ones around even if they’re ripped. New preloved items also find my way.


Two scarves made into one

This time I had two scarves which both had pleasing colours but something else wrong with them. The long stripy scarf wasn’t long enough to my taste and it had some small holes. The woolen rectangle was also too small. Since they had matching colours I cut the long one in half where the holes were and handstitched the the folded woolen scarf on top. The ravelling ends of the striped scarf were conveniently locked between the woolen scarf folds. Finally I embroided the woolen part with some geometrical shapes and leftover yarn which also works keeping the folds in place. Needles to say this is my favorite scarf for this winter!



Pullover pants, vol.2

April 4, 2014


They are most comfortable and warm even on a chilly morning! And I need a little colour to cheer up.


Tested with painting and dancing. These work better than the first version because the pullover is smaller and the waist fitted.


Starting point: a preloved pullover.


In action to make a fitted waist: pinning the hem part of a preloved rather sturdy t-shirt to the pullover hem. This time I cut the neckline off before sewing rather than just shutting it with stitches.

A Quick Halloween Cut

November 2, 2013

I had a knit waiting to be refashioned and I needed a Halloween costume. This was the quickest costume ever! I do plan to insert mesh to the other side to prevent unraveling. For the quick fix that’s optional.

The hat is from a thrift store. As are the ant and the spider. They’re stitched in place.


Ready in three minutes with scissors only!

A pumpkin cut out

Infinity scarf

May 6, 2012

Temperature is around zero Celsius degrees so there’s still time to wear this knitted infinity I finished last winter. Or that’s my excuse for the pic. We have had butterfly weather as well. All of the yarn is old, not reused though. Some were going to be trash before the rescue.

I didn’t end the endings traditionally because it looked too heavy and, boy, was there a lot of finishing to do with this many different yarns.Knitted infinity scarf

My first baktus

January 8, 2012

DIY Norwegian scarf

This is the piece I was so enthusiastic about. My first Baktus! I needed the knitting needles for another project so I finally finished this scarf. The instructions came from here (Käspaikka is a great site in Finnish).

The model is simple enough: Start with three stitches and add one stitch in the beginning of every four rows. When the scarf is wide enough narrow off one stitch every four rows. Heja Norge for inventing this fun to do design! Easy is fun!

DIY Norwegian scarf

One third of the yarn is bought new, one third is from an age old stash and one third is unravelled from second hand knits. It makes me happy to see those old balls of string to become something new.

Ellery vs. DIY from my Mum’s old pullover. Just close the neckline with some stitches, tighten to your waist and you’re done! (Ellery image via Outsapop).

Summer shoes might stand a chance against the colder weathers with these ankle warmers I made using an old scarf. Here’s my first tutorial! I hand stiched the parts together except for the zigzag edges. (Well, now we have some wet snow so it’s a no no for any flat shoes.)