Yesterday it was the Finland vs. Sweden ice hockey game and today the World Championships bronze medal game against USA. The Eurovision Song Contest in between was entertaining but sadly Team Ding Dong didn’t really score on points. Isn’t it about the participation?

I put together a flag coloured outfit with a men’s shirt as the skirt. It was buttoned unevenly and knotted with the sleeves. The preloved shirt was machine washer dyed and waited to be used for something.


Just a pair of socks

February 20, 2013

Take a yellow pair of socks and put knots on them. Throw in a washing machine with other items and fabric dye. Wash.

DIY fabric dye job

Open the knots like a gift and enjoy the surprise!

For our flag’s colours here’s a dyed t-shirt. First you take a white shirt and tie it with yarn where you want the fabric to stay white. Pull the fabric, tie yarn around it and you’ll get a round shape. Repeat until you’re satisfied. Then you do what the dye colour package says: add the textile(s) and colour and start the laundry machine. The end result will be a surprise. Feels like Christmas to open the package! Cotton and other natural fibers dye the best. Here I was lucky because the thread was also made of cotton. Stains may not dye evenly which is good to know if you use preloved items.

Since I’m occupied with other stuff here’s a project from some years ago. Beige trousers became less boring in my eyes after a colour wash. To get the light tone I used more clothes in one dye than the colour package recommended. Before the wash I tied knots to each leg of the trousers. I love how unpredictable dye jobs are. The shirt is a beautiful example of Indian textiles, also a dye but a different technique.

Party outfit

September 2, 2010

I celebrated my graduation in July and remade some items for my party outfit. A preloved skirt got some dye, tighting (also to hide some holes so I simply left the holes under the pleat). The hem lace came from a discarded cardigan which was washed with some Indian clothes (sure to lose colour in wash). The formerly boring blouse became wearable with some trimming.

Photo credits to my cousin E