Two wrongs make a right

March 7, 2016

I got this thing about scarves. I love them! I get attached to one and wear it all the time until the next one comes along. I still keep the old ones around even if they’re ripped. New preloved items also find my way.


Two scarves made into one

This time I had two scarves which both had pleasing colours but something else wrong with them. The long stripy scarf wasn’t long enough to my taste and it had some small holes. The woolen rectangle was also too small. Since they had matching colours I cut the long one in half where the holes were and handstitched the the folded woolen scarf on top. The ravelling ends of the striped scarf were conveniently locked between the woolen scarf folds. Finally I embroided the woolen part with some geometrical shapes and leftover yarn which also works keeping the folds in place. Needles to say this is my favorite scarf for this winter!



Reason for party

October 24, 2010

I’m now taking part in Wardrobe Re-fashion. While waiting for the e-mail I’ll post my biggest project yet: refashioned party outfit. The shirt lost a collar. There are three layers of skirts. White (trifted) underskirt was used as pattern to make the green underskirt which is made of preloved bed linen. I attached the top skirt (also trifted) to the green one with some stitches to get a puffier effect. The corset belt is made of scrap leather. I’ll tell you more about that later. Nowadays it seems that the better the party the worst the photos. I mean that there’s not enough time to concentrate on taking the pictures. Many thanks to my Mum for taking this photo and documenting some of the moments! 😀

Bra purse

October 7, 2010

Oh, that pretty lingerie that one doesn’t use anymore. Make a purse! You need two bras to work with. This time I had instructions from Kirppis tv programme so the pages are in Finnish but the picture are a great help, too. I’ve decorated my purse more later but here’s the original product.

Curtain meets old dress

September 20, 2010

This preloved dress (on a DIY duct tape dummy) had some stains, cuts and holes in it, and had lost some buttons. I shortened the sleeves to get rid of some stains and the overall feeling of detrition. Final touch came with some golden buttons and a preloved curtain from my stash. I’m not completely happy with the results because the dress doesn’t move naturally enough and the mended holes are visible in the back. But hey, the dress survived one party already!

While I’m working on a new project (that got a new turn) here’s a holiday memory from Agra, India last March. Before the trip I combined a preloved shirt and a top that was a bit too large, and turned it upside down. The girls standing in the back wanted to take a picture with me and I was very glad to save this image of their beautiful outfits. During the journey several photos were taken of this western tourist wearing pretty much the same clothes through North India. I really dressed up for Taj Mahal like everyone else but it’s easy to spot the eye candy here.

I took one leg of last week’s project pants and some black fabric for elastic from the short leftovers (remember the last leapy image) and made a corset shaped soft belt. I wanted to experiment this shape because I got another project coming… The blouse, skirt and shoes are all preloved.

A girl somewhere grew small for these pants. Bye bye pants. I found them and now took them to a meeting with my scissors.

After cutting, sewing and stiching the top part became a casual bag. A trifted belt and a preloved silk tie were added as details. The belt covered some stains, too. (Could have been used for covering holes as well).