April 8, 2014

I wanted to make the neckline of a shirt from sale smaller. I added extra fabric from a preloved shirt I never actually wore but liked the colours and patterns.


Here’s how I did it.

ImageMake a pattern placing paper on top of the (light turquoise) shirt and draw how much more fabric you want to add. You can free hand the whole thing or just one half and then fold fabrics and paper to center and use symmetry. Remember to add seam allowance. Cut the paper. Pin the pattern on top of the (brown) shirt and cut the fabric.


Place the fabric on the shirt wrong sides facing you. Fold both vertically in half first to find center and start to pin from the middle. Check the right side before sewing. The beading in the brown shirt was not in the middle to begin with so I went with “close enough”.


Sew with zigzag. As you may see my machine’s stitch is not very reliable but will do.




Two top tips

August 11, 2011

What to do for a piece of clothing that is not quite your size? I had some tops (received as a gift and, yes, bought from sale myself before the pledge) which were too big. One way is to shorten the straps but here’s something different.  I just cut the straps from the back end and tied them together like in a halter top. Quick and easy!

The light green top had a little needle and thread treatment. I pulled the straps together and attached them to each other. Ready with a few stiches!

PS. My pledge of not buying any new clothes for a year became a 16 month period. It ended last weekend with a t-shirt from here. 🙂

Party outfit

September 2, 2010

I celebrated my graduation in July and remade some items for my party outfit. A preloved skirt got some dye, tighting (also to hide some holes so I simply left the holes under the pleat). The hem lace came from a discarded cardigan which was washed with some Indian clothes (sure to lose colour in wash). The formerly boring blouse became wearable with some trimming.

Photo credits to my cousin E