188 (KuusenAllaLarge)Hello hair, here’s a little sparkle for you. Don’t tell anyone I used a sock to make the base of this do.

PS. Two years of blog silence is properly ended with this Christmas tree photo. Kuusen Alla translates Under The Spruce.



March 6, 2016

I wanted to celebrate going to the movies with braided ponytail. Not exactly your Princess Leia style but the latest Star Wars film was great!


Go back a few years. Way before Movember. Go silly or go home?

ImageAsterix here is showing off his moustache and the classic two braids. Special recycled feature: The ponytailers are made of lace trimmings of a blouse. Simply rip up the stitching at the end of each sleeve and you’re done.

I like to document some of my hairdos since they’re always a bit different. My hair tangles really easy so it’s all frizz in fifteen minutes. Making the hair has become a way to get ready for the party. Here’s from a special family get-together.


The basis is usually a ponytail (taken from a section of the hair) and the rest is just braiding, twisting and pinning around the ponytail or the bun that follows. Here’s another photo about ten hours later…

Why this particular day is appropriate for the post? Well, yesterday would have been International Women’s Day. Missed that. Luckily someone special is 54 years today. Happy Birthday, Barbie!