Cha chain chain -lamp

March 11, 2016

With one long chain looped around the handle this library lamp became more pleasing to the eye, maybe also for the eyes of the beloved Tinttu.

Tinttu ja lamppu (Large)


No April fools here. Just some easy crafts for home.


Willows fill the open spots and shoulders of the roads quickly like weed. They are a nice sustainable material for crafts throughout the year. A little bit of nature fun digging in the snow on our yard resulted as a good amount of branches. I think these catkins emerged after cutting when the branches were melting inside the house. The cats loved their new toys.

I tied the branches together with iron wire and made a circle. Later on I added the feathers which was easy as they were attached to a string. Welcome Spring!

My new home

September 22, 2012

“I’ve had my new home for ten days now. My name is Didi.”

Image“This is my crib. Well, my brother likes it, too.”

The cushion is hand sewn from a found fabric. Our rescue cats love the basket and wrestle over it. Unikko, who came later, has lived with us for about a month. They’re good for each other. And good for us!

Wet paint

April 16, 2012

After some misses with the colours here’s the hit. I love the red and the white in our hall. And it’s great to work with non-smelling oil paint. Well, better than the horribly smelly one at least.

Actually this is yet another ‘Before’ shot because there’s more to come with a little inspiration from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Here’s Katarina II’s Boudoir.

Hermitage - St. Petersburg

Handicraft crazy love

January 1, 2012

I had to refresh my skills of knitting and crocheting. Result: one big round scarf and two works still on sticks. I cannot blog about the ready scarf yet due to some computer failure. And actually this failure lets me concentrate on my knittings and crochets. I’m beginning to feel the joy and love of playing with thread. The colours entwined like emotions visible on my hands.

Back to something concrete, recycled and selfmade. Here are some tinder roses made of old candles and egg packages. Rip it. Form it. Dip it – let it dry a bit and repeat until satisfied. Recycled material tinders

Recycled material tinders

Recycled material tinders

Recycled material tinders

These things really get the fire started. Have a Dazzling New Year with lots of Love Love Love!

How would you colour it?

October 26, 2011

Here’s our brand new hallway just lacking a bit of colour. How would you colour it? See how my husband did it at The door colour made my dream come true! And I can fly my thoughts to Hotel Prince (formerly known as the Cecil) in Mussoorie, India.

Truthfully I just wanted to post these walls which have been scrubbed. First ones in the house! (So, everybody say yee’e.) The outfit is for another project but has a Kalevala necklace attached to the vest with safety pins so it looks something like a pocket watch chain. I like the idea of using jewellery in different ways. This “outfit of the day” has only preloved items in it with the exception of the vest.