Rectangular crochet doilies make lovely corset belts. Wrap around your waist and attach with a ribbon through the holes of the crochet. What a fun way to add a little colour, warmth, shape and spunk!

Kuva 024 (Large)

Everything seen here is preloved (except the tights).

Crochet doily corset belt


I found a beautifully crocheted discarded doily. Lucky for me with a few stiches my bra purse got some colour.

Party outfit

September 2, 2010

I celebrated my graduation in July and remade some items for my party outfit. A preloved skirt got some dye, tighting (also to hide some holes so I simply left the holes under the pleat). The hem lace came from a discarded cardigan which was washed with some Indian clothes (sure to lose colour in wash). The formerly boring blouse became wearable with some trimming.

Photo credits to my cousin E