DIY Jersey Yarn

February 2, 2014

DIY jersey yarn

Out with the old t-shirt seen here before (but never worn since).


Rain cloud bag

July 18, 2013

This bag was a gift for a little girl and is perfect for the weather recently. The cloud and the rainbow handle are made of a t-shirt.

The lining of the bag is conveniently the lining of the trousers. I was inspired by the glass beading. Everything except the rain drops is machine sewn.


The bottom is round.


Here are the recycled items: old broken trousers and a t-shirt.


No April fools here. Just some easy crafts for home.


Willows fill the open spots and shoulders of the roads quickly like weed. They are a nice sustainable material for crafts throughout the year. A little bit of nature fun digging in the snow on our yard resulted as a good amount of branches. I think these catkins emerged after cutting when the branches were melting inside the house. The cats loved their new toys.

I tied the branches together with iron wire and made a circle. Later on I added the feathers which was easy as they were attached to a string. Welcome Spring!

For Sneezy Times

December 7, 2012

Old bedsheet got a new life as handkerchieves. Machine wash may unravel these hankies but it seems too much trouble to sew the edges. Softness guaranteed!

St. Peter’s Rose

July 16, 2012

I thought my all important summer hat needed something for the city holiday in St. Petersburg. I took some trash and leftovers with me so I had a nice little project to do while sitting in a train. And here it is. Greetings from Peterhof (summer 2011)!

DIY rose



Infinity scarf

May 6, 2012

Temperature is around zero Celsius degrees so there’s still time to wear this knitted infinity I finished last winter. Or that’s my excuse for the pic. We have had butterfly weather as well. All of the yarn is old, not reused though. Some were going to be trash before the rescue.

I didn’t end the endings traditionally because it looked too heavy and, boy, was there a lot of finishing to do with this many different yarns.Knitted infinity scarf

My old skates are a bit too small to fit enough wool socks. So I reused an old pullover. Cut sleeves out. Attached fleece strings. Less cold feet anyway!