Let’s Rock Festival!

July 25, 2012

It’s been years since my last rock festival visit. This Friday I’ll go to Qstock, mainly because of PMMP. Paula and Mira are amazing mamas who have so much talent and great energy. Love them!!!

When in festival one needs a proper gear. Some years back I painted my old (not-wearing-them-anymore) boots with some nail polish and other paints.

DIY painted boots


I wore them in Rotuaari Piknik (2009) which is a city festival and one can survive in high heels, too. Here are the performers: Ismo Alanko Teholla, Scandinavian Music Group and Apulanta.

Rotuaari Piknik 2009

Rotuaari Piknik 2009

Rotuaari Piknik 2009




St. Peter’s Rose

July 16, 2012

I thought my all important summer hat needed something for the city holiday in St. Petersburg. I took some trash and leftovers with me so I had a nice little project to do while sitting in a train. And here it is. Greetings from Peterhof (summer 2011)!

DIY rose



It’s time to refresh my project again. We all should have a project like Wilson Kirwa said in an inspirational presentation about environment and communality. (The link is in Finnish). He has also made sandals with recycled card tires – check them out!

I’ve been doing little fixings here and there but also some actual items. And I came across with a bag of stuff I had forgotten. So, here’s to kick start my blogging again!