Truthfully I just wanted to post these walls which have been scrubbed. First ones in the house! (So, everybody say yee’e.) The outfit is for another project but has a Kalevala necklace attached to the vest with safety pins so it looks something like a pocket watch chain. I like the idea of using jewellery in different ways. This “outfit of the day” has only preloved items in it with the exception of the vest.


Two top tips

August 11, 2011

What to do for a piece of clothing that is not quite your size? I had some tops (received as a gift and, yes, bought from sale myself before the pledge) which were too big. One way is to shorten the straps but here’s something different.  I just cut the straps from the back end and tied them together like in a halter top. Quick and easy!

The light green top had a little needle and thread treatment. I pulled the straps together and attached them to each other. Ready with a few stiches!

PS. My pledge of not buying any new clothes for a year became a 16 month period. It ended last weekend with a t-shirt from here. 🙂