Reason for party

October 24, 2010

I’m now taking part in Wardrobe Re-fashion. While waiting for the e-mail I’ll post my biggest project yet: refashioned party outfit. The shirt lost a collar. There are three layers of skirts. White (trifted) underskirt was used as pattern to make the green underskirt which is made of preloved bed linen. I attached the top skirt (also trifted) to the green one with some stitches to get a puffier effect. The corset belt is made of scrap leather. I’ll tell you more about that later. Nowadays it seems that the better the party the worst the photos. I mean that there’s not enough time to concentrate on taking the pictures. Many thanks to my Mum for taking this photo and documenting some of the moments! ūüėÄ


Summer shoes might stand a chance against the colder weathers with these ankle warmers I made using an old scarf. Here’s my first tutorial! I hand stiched the parts together except for the zigzag edges. (Well, now we have some wet snow so it’s a no no for any flat shoes.)

Bra purse

October 7, 2010

Oh, that pretty lingerie that one doesn’t use anymore. Make a purse! You need two bras to work with. This time I had instructions from Kirppis tv programme so the pages are in Finnish but the picture are a great help, too. I’ve decorated my purse more later but here’s the original product.

Since I’m occupied with other stuff here’s a project from some years ago. Beige trousers became less boring in my eyes after a colour wash. To get the light tone I used more clothes in one dye than the colour package recommended. Before the wash I tied knots to each leg of the trousers. I love how unpredictable dye jobs are. The shirt is a beautiful example of Indian textiles, also a dye but a different technique.