August 10, 2009

Here it is! The first item ready for the blog. It’s a 100% recycled accessory, so I’ll call it trashkind. Materials: underwear I never use, thread from trash and selfmade sequins. Special thanks to a wonderful trashion inspirer Outsapop, whose blog got me punching the glitter out of an instant mashed potatoes package. Have to keep punching!

Picture 009Picture 008




Where’s me progress?

August 4, 2009

This I can ask because my recent projects have not evolved too much. Behind click click and tak tak there are some answers. I’ve been surfing more and getting inspired. And I remembered that I have already made all kinds of dREams come true. I have the list (tak tak, my fingers say on the keyboard). Now, where can I find photos of these:

– a heart shaped brooch made from a recycled zipper

– abandoned t-shirt decorated with holes

– Pullover pants have a familiar shape from the 90’s

– old tights turned into leggins with some scissor snaps

– a belt / vest from a discarded crochet table cloth

And here are the pulloverpants together with some ugly safety shoes.

This blog is working for me already! I’ve taken some photos and made some stiches both with hand (my thing) and the sewing machine with whom I need to improve my relationship. I’ve been using socks and underpants, although I started with old c-tapes. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to actually finish and show some.